Resources for Teachers

This page will include references and links to resources for those ESL teachers who are interested in supplementing and enhancing their teaching with technology or for those who are just browsing for new materials.
There is a large division among these materials in the ways they could be incorporated in ESL teaching.
Some resources will be listed in terms of the language skills that they best address.

Teaching ESL- General
Integrated Language Skills Integrated_Language _Skills
Teaching Grammar
Teaching Listening
Teaching Vocabulary
Teaching Pronunciation
Teaching Reading
Teaching Writing
Teaching Speaking

Other resources will focus on the use of applications.
There will be reviews and annotations for some tools and applications which have been practically tested.

Teaching ESL with Technology
Teacher Training
Ideas that work
Professional Development

Coming soon: On-line Workshop “Assertiveness Training for Teachers”

If you are willing to share your own resources with us, we will gladly accept your contributions!


2 responses to “Resources for Teachers”

  1. Mark van den Hooven says :

    Here’s a great book I would like to recommend for teaching writing/grammar.

    The 100 Most Common Mistakes Made by ESL Writers
    L.D. Deschamps

    VPL also has a copy. I find that a resource like this, that addresses common mistakes, is a very efficient way to help students improve their writing.

    • eteaeslconnection says :

      Thanks Mark, again. I will definitely include it. Check it out in a few days for some materials from the past event. And there are also a thousand other resources that I want to include in the future.

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