About Michael

Michael Brian Wicks

From 1974 to my retirement in June 2013, I taught from Grade 2/3 to Grade 9 in public schools in BC for 15 years, as well as 21 years in a private ESL school in Vancouver. As an untrained teacher, I taught for two years in Malaysia and Sunday School for many years in my youth. I have taught in West Vancouver, Salmo, Nelson and Vancouver. During a break in the middle, I worked at Capers in West Vancouver for two years.

My training has been at UBC for a Bachelor in Agriculture, Simon Fraser for Professional Development Teacher certification, Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash for a Masters of the Art of Counselling, and TESL training at Vancouver Community College.

My other certifications involve Reflexology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki and Tai Chi. I am very interested in exercise, reading and gardening, as well as political developments.

I have developed some specific areas of expertise and skill; the first is pronunciation and listening, the second is communication skills and development of class morale and cohesion, the third being assertiveness training.

On retirement, I have became aware that any expertise that I possess, needs to be shared with those who can use it. I also wish to stay current and involved in the fascinating field of learning which is undergoing rapid and exciting changes. Through previous work with Marina on professional development projects, I have been inspired to move with her into developing an internet and workshop presence in order to fulfil both these goals.

As open learning and internet community learning and sharing become the new places to share, I look forward to becoming a part of this. This will probably be the most challenging part of my career yet, and, as is always true in a challenge, will be the most rewarding.

I am working on two projects that will be presented at the ETEA Professional Development Events in the nearest future.

Subordinating Teaching To Learning (SUBTLE)

Developing Assertiveness Skills


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