Hi, I am Marina Sokolova, an ESL Teacher from ILSC, the International Language Schools of Canada, Vancouver Branch. I am the Chair of the Professional Development Committee of the Local 1 of ETEA, which has now embraced the whole ETEA. I am passionate about the work we are doing trying to connect the teachers at the ETEA with the ESL profession.
Over the years, we have been advocating for increasing  teachers’ participation in the institutionally-sponsored professional development through various channels such as Institutional Membership in BCTEAL and bargaining for the paid release –time for professional development. As a result of our successful efforts, we have been enjoying our entitlement of 10 paid PD- days per year for the whole collective of regular teachers (over 100). However, in spite of the fact that our teachers are dedicated, talented, and inspiring, we feel that it gives us only very few opportunities to support our need for life-long learning and fulfill our mission to be role models for our students. We need more support to continue to grow professionally and personally in a consistent and dignified way. Our PD Committee is working to create opportunities for all of us to be among the primary echelons of our profession and be a valued part of the larger professional community.

In the other sections of the new ETEA website  you can see the mission statement of the PD Committee, reports and updates on our activities, updates on the BCTEAL/TESOL events, and references to a multitude of resources for ESL teachers.

This site is designated as a blog for all our teachers and interested parties to discuss hot issues in our profession and at our workplace, to share ideas and resources, including the presentations at BCTEAL conferences, to invite guest speakers and writers to share their expertise, and to help our teachers understand and apply some innovative techniques using technology.

We welcome your contributions and looking forward to connecting with you!


2 responses to “ABOUT ETEA AND THIS BLOG”

  1. Michael Wicks says :

    This is an exciting idea. I am really pleased to welcome this new venue for discussion of our profession. We have been trying to involve non-unionized and unionized teachers in the ESL industry, as well as instructors in private trades and technology sectors. This could be the way for all of us to build consensus around a number of important issues. Thanks to Marina for setting this up. Let’s get on this! Later, the blog will be developing confidential access for certain sectors. I would like to see this enable discussions of learning and practice “wins”, ideas for productive time management and “living as a teacher”, happenings in the private sector, such as workshops going on, problems and needs on a daily basis, and larger issues such as relations with management and educational organizations such as BC TEAL.

    • eteaeslconnection says :

      Thanks Michael. It took me a long time to figure out what I want this blog to be and I am still learning about how to create a good blog. I am working on various categories and pages and the work is still in progress. Therefore, I need your support and comments on the form and content so that I could continue adding to it. For example, now there are two hot topics: Standardized vs Student-Centered Curriculum and the Philosophy of Education in general (ESL in particular) and Integrating Skills (see the coming PD event). Would you like to share your comments on them?
      One of my other ideas is to interview our teachers about their favorite area of expertise and get them to contribute to “Resources for ESL Teachers.” Would you like to share your ideas as well? I can sign you up now!

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